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...and 1 (one).  2001.  That's how many submissions I have now, two thousand, and, plus this entry, one.  I don't really think journal entries should count, but, hey, they do, so who am I to make waves.  If you thought 2001 was going to be about the movie, I'm sorry, it's not, only I'm not, sorry, that is.  I don't like the movie.  Didn't like it the day it came out, don't like it now.  Might have liked it better with the rejected Alex North score, as it is I'm reminded of sitting in my Music Appreciation class back in junior high.  Anything that reminds me of my school days is risking my ire and challenging my meds.  I know the film is supposed to be a classic.  Didn't like it anyway.  I'm not fond of lots of classics, Casablanca puts me to sleep, Citizen Kane keeps me awake, and Butch Casserole And The Sunstoke Kid is the only film that makes me more nauseated than Star Wars.  That's because of that distressing ghastly stomach churning brain chilling ass numbing song...but you don't want to hear that.  Actually, I don't want to hear that, you don't want to hear about it from me. When I say don't like, that's different from dislike.  Don't like means I don't care for it.  That's the passive form.  Dislike means I hate it.  That's the action form.  It may seem like a small distinction but believe you me Katz and Kitties, it makes a world of difference.  Try it and you'll see.  Think of something or someone you don't like.  Ho Hum.  Now think of someone or something you dislike.  Snarl Hiss.  One is take it or leave it, the other is leave it for dead.  But I wander, this isn't about movies, although now it sort of is, by default, or what I like or don't, except that I've made it so, it's about me reaching, at last, four months late, the goal I set for myself last year, to make 2,000 by the end of my first year (back) here.  And what about that?  Now that it's done, beats me, so what, hooha, pour me another.  That's the problem with goals, once you make it where do you go from there?  Set new goals, obviously.  So here I sit pondering my next goal.  Choices choices choices. Should I write one last book?  Make one last film?  Actually finish something?  Haven't decided yet.  And what about here at dustyANTEROOM?  The further adventures of Sally Skull, SheFace, or Vivian The Vampyre?  Explore in depth the complete works of Hester Sachneusson?  Keep slogging SWSchurr?  Something new?  Is there any such thing as something new?  Does it matter?  Matter is energy.  Nevermind.  Anyhow, if you have any thoughts on the subject (Not matter as energy, me and my goal{s}) drop me a line.  Make a suggestion.  I'll no doubt ignore it, but who can say.  Not me, not yet, no one has made a suggestion so far.  Maybe no one will.  That'll learn me.  But, until then, there I am, gone.  
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Wesley Morgan
United States
I have forgotten all that because I cannot remember it anymore.


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Our friend :iconplusoneplusminusone: is unable to access DA currently... but I can offer this UPDATE to what he's resolved so far...


" dA is the only trouble spot.  According to them (I can access the help
desk) this is a problem for many of us, not a site glitch but a server
problem, and they cannot help.  So all we can do is wait it out.
Maybe so, maybe not.  I do have a friend on site who has just informed
me that he is having the same problems. "

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:spotlight-left:  ATTENTION PLEASE!!!! ANYONE WHO WANTS TO LEAVE A COMMENT HERE!!!.... :spotlight-right:

I'm a friend of :iconplusoneplusminusone:  and I got this message from him...  I'm presenting it here on his behalf...


" Hello from the void. Once again dA and I are at opposite ends of the chess board, and dA is winning. I cannot access notifications, they are not recognized. I have no daily or otherwise stats.
I haven't tried to make a journal entry yet, but I suspect that's a dead end too. It looks as if all I can do is look. I'm not even sure this will get to you. If it does, please tell my other friends and contacts what's up and not to expect me back until...until...well, until. Thanks. "

I can add to this myself by explaining that for a while now , his computer has had trouble connecting with DA , as his PC is an older model and losing ground for keeping up with update tech.

Our friend isn't really computer savy , and it's like trying to get an old car working when the parts are failing and your not a mechanic in any sense , to understand what to do.

I'll keep on touch with him , as all this is just recent in happenng , and we'll see where it goes from here.

Thank you for your attention.
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